There are several ways you can use to customize a web page, in this article you will see the 3 most popular ways (There are more):

1. Customizing a Web Page through a Widget

All Web pages in the Brilliant Directories platform use widgets. Because of this, you could use any widget to customize a functionality, a styling or both on a specific page or group of pages. By editing the CSS tab of a widget on a certain page for example, you could target any element on that page (eg: A div, id, span, class, p, etc...). To do this simply go to Toolbox -> Widget Manager and select the widget that is used on the page you want to edit. The same applies for the Javascript of the page.

2. Customize CSS JS HTML

Apart from editing a widget inside a page, you can also edit the CSS, JS or HTML inside the actual page editor. By going to Content -> Edit Web Pages and editing the page you want to change. You can even scroll a bit down and see the CSS part of the page where you can add additional CSS styles to it:

3. Customize PHP for that page.

Lastly you can customize the PHP part of the page. This can be achieved by several means:

  • Editing the Membership Features for the page (Going to Members -> Membership Features and selecting the feature you use on that particular page, then editing the corresponding Profile Page, Search Results or even the Detail Page for it)
  • Editing the PHP portion of a widget used on that page.
  • Creating a new widget and adding it to the target page (eg: [widget=example widget name])

So as you can see, the flexibility for editing a web page on the Brilliant Directories platform is very high and accommodates to any creative way of changing the layout, style or functionality of any page you want.