Welcome to Brilliant Directories Developers Camp.

Here you will learn how to develop on the Brilliant Directories platform, from basics to troubleshooting specific case scenarios. You will grow with each level, and go from having a basic understanding of how to operate the system, to tackling some of the intense questions customers and users have alike.

The Developers Camp is divided into 2 sections:

Developers Corner - Learn about the most popular sections of the system: Widgets, Forms, Sidebar & Menu. Offers basic to advanced knowledge about variables, functions and general coding on the platform. You will learn about PHP as it is used in the system, its variables and how the database is structured.

BD Challenges - This special section will test out your knowledge of the system by providing easy to hard challenges based on skill level. These challenges are based on the articles provided in the other sections and will push you to learn about the Brilliant Directories platform and how you can take advantage of the system.

You can also follow the white rabbit in the BD Hero Slideshow Game to learn about the Platform.

Good luck and have fun!