The Advanced Settings menu located in Settings -> Advanced Settings is used to configure global variables that can affect a wide range of options in the system. From member properties to SEO settings and from page visualization to Geo location, search box behavior and more.

It should be warned that the Advanced Settings also give access to options that could potentially create issues on the site for your members, so be careful when dealing with them. Always read the description about what each option does.

Based on the image below, the key components for the Advanced Settings are:

Orange Circle (Middle Left) - The variable name for that particular setting. To access this variables you only need to check the $w array which holds them. So for the seo_override variable, it would be $w[seo_override].

Blue Circle (Middle Right) -  The value for the setting. In the image above, we can see that the setting Enable Custom SEO, with variable seo_override has a value of 0.

Green Circle (Top Right) - This search box is used to search for any setting name, variable or description. It will filter by what you type here.

Red Circle (Bottom Left) - This would be the name of the setting (Not the variable name). This is to show an easy to understand title for that particular setting.