The Toolbox Menu holds the most used Managers of the Brilliant Directories platform which are:

but it also offers many other options like category Management under the Main categories and Sub Categories sub-menus, Sitemap generation and even an FTP File Manager.

Widget Manager - This menu offers a simple way of adding, customizing and deleting the widgets (which are similar to extensions, addons or plugins) from your site. Widgets are the base on which you can code the different functionalities for your site. They cover any time of visual or functional characteristic of a site and can be added or removed to a particular page, customized to your liking and even added with newer functionalities by programming them.

Sidebar Manager - From here you are able to see your widget list (called My widgets) and also import from the Master Widgets (Called Pre-Made Widgets)

Menu Manager - This option is useful if you ever want to add Menus to your site or customize the already existing ones. This menus are multi level menus and you can arrange them any way you please.

Form Manager - Through here you are able to edit forms, add, change or remove fields, customize new variables inside forms and more.

Main Categories - In this menu you can add, remove and modify existing top category options. This are called Professions and are found in the list_professions table in the database.

Sub Categories - Here you are able to add, modify, remove and create relations between the sub category options and the top categories. You can even create relations between sub and sub-sub categories. This options are found later inside the list_services table in the database.

Sitemap Generator - This creates a Brilliant Directories sitemap to be used later on webapps like Google Webmaster.

File Manager - This is your own FTP Manager or File Manager. You can check your FTP files through here.