For a developer, without a doubt the Settings Menu is one of the top menus most useful. It covers options like the General (general options for the site) and Design (visual options for the site) Settings, Text labels used all over the site, country and image setting and even the most impacting Advanced Settings menu where you will be able to find many variables that affect the site globally.

The Settings menu offers us:

General Settings - This sub-menu offers options like the website title, website name, default site email address, site logo, member default logo, if site is live or in development (staging mode), timezone, currency, if the site uses the universal system (metric system) or the imperial system and even to what country it is focused on, apart from many other options found in it to configure the site settings the way you like.

Design Settings - Here you are able to customize the homepage layout, add streaming widgets to your site, change colors used in many parts of the system, set which font types to use, hide multiple visual options of the site and even set which text and colors to show in various parts of your homepage, search results, pages and more.

Admin Accounts - Here you can add or configure administrators of your site in the case more than one person will manage the site.

Text Labels - Inside this menu you are able to change the text shown in many of the modules, widgets and functionalities of the site.

Keyword Searches -

Image Settings - Set the width and height rules of the images used in various parts of the site. From thumbnails to photo profiles and more.

Country Settings - Enable and disable which countries are supported by your site.

Advanced Settings - The advanced settings offers a very extensive gamma of variables that have minor to radical effects on the system. Here you are able to set simple special text labels for specific parts of the system to even setting the framework to use and more. A important note should be made to avoid changing the values of variables there is no knowledge of since some values can drastically change how the site works and functions.