The Members Menu is one of the most popular and useful menus on the system since it encompasses the Search function for Members, the member levels and how they will behave, the membership features each level will have and even a way to import members to the platform via CSV.

The options available are:

Search Members - Shows all of your members, their member status (active, on hold, cancelled, etc...) and gives you the ability to search your site by member id, email, membership level and more.

Membership Levels - This levels provide a tier for your members where, depending on the level, they are able to use more options from your system as in, access to article creation, adding photo albums and more. Depending on the configured level, members on that specific level can be categorized as premium members or even basic members, they could access the level from a free account or pay to have the benefits of the level. This membership levels are tied with the pricing menus shown to members when they first sign in.

Membership Features - This features are options the members will have access to depending on their membership level. The features range from showing on the listing search results to creating articles, adding photo albums, selling properties, offering job or coupon offers and more.

Import Members - This functionality grants the owner of the site a way to import all of their members from a CSV file (Similar to an Excel file). There are some rules that need to be followed in order to import correctly but with it you can import members as well as categories and professions.

Member Images - Here you can manage the images for your members, including resizing, setting the type of member image (logo or individual photo) and testing how it looks on the site.