The Email Menu offers multiple options in the way of email management. From here you will be able to see its history, templates, accounts related to it and more.

The options offer under the Email Menu are as follow:

Form Inquiries - This option shows all inquiries submitted to the Contact Us form on your site.

Search Contacts - This section gathers all the emails collected on your website through either leads, form inquiries, newsletter sign ups, member emails and more.

Contact Tags - This section is similar to the search contact option, except that it classifies the emails by how they were entered into the system.

Email Templates - Shows all default and customized email templates used by the system.

Email Campaigns - Here you can create and store any email campaigns (mass email sending) for your contacts (eg: newsletter subscribers).

Email Accounts - Here you are able to see all the associated emails for your site (eg:,, etc...)

Email History - All system activity regarding emails send out by the platform.

Unsubscribe List - List of all members that have asked to unsubscribe from your site's email list.