The Content Menu manages everything related to content creation, content editing, member content and custom SEO. Through the Content Menu you will be able to add new web pages to your site, view or edit member content (articles, photos, products...) and even manually change the SEO of particular pages of your site.

The Content Menu offers the following:

Add New Web Page / Edit Web Pages - Through this options you will be able to Add, modify or delete pages from your site (eg: About Page, Terms of Use, Homepage). Each page offers their own SEO variables and WYSIWYG editor to configure the page the way you like. On this pages you can not add PHP code, but you can call a widget, sidebar, form or menu using the following shortcuts:

  • [sidebar=Name of Sidebar] - Will insert a sidebar to the content of a page where it was used.
  • [form=Name of Form] - Will insert a form to the content of a page where it was used.
  • [widget=Name of Widget] - Will insert a widget (visual or functional) to the content of a page where it was used.
  • [menu=Name of Menu] - Will insert a menu to the content of a page where it was used.

Member Content - Using this section will show you all the content the members have created on the site. This can be articles, photo albums, products, jobs and more. You can additionally edit the content to correct grammar, add additional information to them and more.

Member Reviews - Here you will be able to manage reviews for your members. You can accept, decline and more the reviews your members get from visitors to the site.

Custom SEO Settings - With the CUSTOM SEO Settings you can customize which SEO variables are used when sharing the URL of the page for sites like Facebook, Google+ and more. You can configure most SEO variables used by the page (Meta Tags), Open Graph Tags (Facebook, Google, Twitter) and more.