To understand how Pricing Menus relate to Membership Levels it is important to know that the pricing menus are as pointers to a specific Membership Level. If you remove a membership level, it does not mean a pricing menu will be removed and vice versa, instead, a pricing menu will still be shown but will not work since the membership level it was pointing to is now gone. To better illustrate this, in the following images we will show different scenarios where the  partner has an amount of Pricing Menus showing and an amount of Membership Levels created. This works in the following manner:

DEFAULT SETUP (3 Pricing Menus pointing to 3 Membership Levels)

When you first start on Brilliant Directories, you will notice that you have 3 Pricing Menus (Let's call them PR), each one pointing to 3 Membership Levels (Let's call them ML). Each PR can point to any of the 3 ML. You can even point all 3 PR to on single ML (Not logical but hey, you can do it). With this, you can set each PR to show all the features and pricing and then point it to the ML that corresponds to it. But what happens if you add a Special, limited time only Membership Level. Let's imagine that you want PR 3 to point, instead of ML 3, to ML 4. You would add that new ML 4 and then edit the PR 3 to point to ML 4. The result would be the following image:

With this last image I am trying to show that, no matter how many PRs you have, or how many ML you have, the PRs are only used to point to a specific ML. There could be 10 ML, but for X type of reason, you only want to show 3 PR and point them to 3 of the 10 ML. Here is yet another case I have seen many times:

Here, a partner only has 2 PR, but also has 4 ML. Why?, because for some cases, 2 of the ML, only show with either a monthly promotion or a holiday. So the partner would change one of the PR to point to that other ML (For example, change the PR2 to point from ML3 to ML4).

In the end, you can have as many Membership Levels as you want and the amount won't influence the amount of Pricing Menus that show for them. You only need to know that each Pricing Menu points to a Membership Level and you can change to which Membership Level it points depending on ideas like promotions or discounts you want to offer your partners, for example Membership Level 3 costs 100$, but you want to offer Membership Level 4 which offers the same features as 3, except that it costs 75$. So you would point the Pricing Menu from 3 to 4 and mention that "For a limited time, get this Membership Level with 25% discount). This is just one of many reasons why some members would create different amounts of Pricing Menus and Membership Levels.

To change the Pricing Menus shown on the site, you simply need to go to Toolbox -> Menu Manager and then select the Pricing Menu where you will see, not only all 3 pricing menus, but you will also see the options each of them offers. From there, you can add or delete a pricing menu. If you delete a Pricing Menu from there, it won't have any affect on the amount of Membership Levels you have, it will only affect how menu pricing menus your members see when the try go sign up.

Lastly, if you wish to change one Pricing Menu to point to another Membership Level, you can do this by changing the number in the URL of the Create Listing button. As you can see in the image below it says /payment/2 which means, this Pricing Menu is pointing to the Membership Level number 2. If you change the 2 to 3, it will now point to the Membership Level 3.