Hi developers and welcome to the BD Challenges or BDC.

The BDC was created to test and improve the skills of developers using the BD platform. It offers different levels based on languages required and level of difficulty, which basically boils down to the following:

Level 0 - Knowledge of how the system works at a basic level. How to use the Admin Panel, how to navigate in the Admin Sidebar, how to change the basic look and feel of the site, etc.. At this level, there is no coding requirements. There is no need to know about HTML, CSS or JS. You can do all questions through the backend admin panel using the options offered in it. From General and Design Settings, to Content Editing. You can do every challenge in this level by simply using the system. Challenges at this level are worth 1 Base Point and 0 Bonus Points.

Level 1 - This level ups the requirements of coding to basic HTML and CSS. You might be able to do some of the change by simply using some of the options in the admin panel, but some challenges will need for you to edit the HTML and CSS part of the code, either for some widgets or the content of some pages. Challenges at this level are worth 5 Base Points and 1-2 Bonus Points.

Level 2 - When you get to the challenges on this level, they will ask you to start doing some heavy HTML and CSS along some basic Javascript. There might be some basic PHP involved. Many of the challenges in this section will need for you to start coding right away in order to accomplish the challenges offered. The good thing is that you will find that some challenges are based on actual customization requests. Challenges at this level are worth 25 Base Points and 1-5 Bonus Points.

Level 3 - Here you will have to overcome coding in PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS, along with possibly some basic MySQL. Challenges at this level get a bit longer and harder to achieve, but well worth the points since this are the most common from customization requests. Challenges at this level are worth 100 Base Points and 1-20 Bonus Points.

Level 4 - Last and most difficult level. Here you will face all 5 languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP & MySQL) along with the Jquery library and Bootstrap Framework. To top it off, will be using JSON / Ajax calls, and will probably be merging 3rd party tools and even doing serious widget creation. This level offers the ability to create fantastic widgets, integrate 3rd party tools to BD and recreate existing codes into something better. You will need every tool and your disposable to be able to finish the challenges here. Challenges at this level are worth 250 Base Points and 1-50 Bonus Points.

The rules are simple:

1. For each level, you will find several challenges. You can pick any challenge you like and send us your solution via a ticket or an email. Do not respond to the actual challenge.

2. Challenges are worth several points depending on the Level and difficulty. The level determines the Base score and the difficulty the Bonus score. So for example, for level 2, the Base score for any challenge in it is worth 25, but the Bonus score can vary from 1 to 5 points depending on the difficulty of the specific challenge and how you managed to solve it. So some challenges on Level 2 could be worth 25 + 0 Bonus Points = 25, 25 + 3 Bonus Points = 28 Points or even 25 + 5 Bonus Points = 30.

3. The higher your overall score (Base Points + Bonus Points), the more knowledge and experience you will be able to show about the BD platform.

4. Challenges will explain in a very specific way, what they need you to do on the system. In some particular cases, they will also mention how they want the result to show. This are brief ways of showing the challenge and give a general idea of what the challenge entails.